Wednesday, 27 January 2010
So there I was, face to face with Mr Rockstar wondering if he was thinking about what a cow I had been 15 years ago.

"You know I didn't really know who I was meeting tonight".

Hmm...ok, naturally I'm a bit insulted by this, surely he remembered me? I remembered him, why didn't he remember me?

"I had to ask Ian if he knew who you were when you friend requested me, but he didn't know."

"Wait a second" I said. "I know Ian, I've been at his house". Ok, that was 15 years ago but even so.

"Yeah, then I asked Al, he didn't know who you were either".

WTF??!! Al is Ian's younger brother who was in my class in high school. Am I really that easy to forget?

I suggest that we move to the bar upstairs so we can get a seat. It is obvious that there is going to be a need for one of us to familiarise himself with someone!

Within minutes though, Mr Rockstar has me in stitches, I couldn't remember him being this funny all those years ago! In fact, I couldn't remember laughing this much in the last couple of months. The time just seemed to pass so quickly, we talked about his friend's tragic death, how I'd wanted to speak to him at the funeral but couldn't. We talked about what we were doing with our lives now, the disastrous relationships we'd recently been in. He told me how great it was that I was a mum, he thought it was amazing. I'd always thought that was a bit of a turn off but here was someone who was so impressed with the fact that I was a mother! He said that I was a cool mum for taking Evie to Glastonbury. This was good, I had achieved status not just as a single mum but I was cool too! I was quite surprised at how easy it was to talk to him. I'd expected that there may be some uncomfortable silences but there were none. Even though 15 years had passed I felt like it was only yesterday since I'd last spoken to him.

As the night went on I could see that Molly and her friend were trying to get Mr Rockstar and I together.

They didn't need to try, Mr Rockstar had managed that himself. He made me feel great about myself without it being too desperate. He made me smile and laugh but most of all I felt alive. For too long I'd felt like I'd been surviving life rather than living it, on Saturday night he changed that and as we left the pub he looked into my eyes and kissed me.


Miss Hell said...

Awwww...that's awesome! Good luck with him and I hope that he turns into the Prince Charming that you deserve.

Bird on a Wire said...

Awh! Thank you so much!!

Bird x


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