Wednesday, 6 January 2010
I received my official invitation to Mr Writer's book launch the other day which I'm really looking forward to however, the "will I be cool enough?" question cropped up in my head again.

I have had this discussion before with my younger brother Brodie regarding my "coolness rating" or rather lack of it, he kindly said I was cooler than him which was rather sweet but may have been due to the fact that I'd just introduced him to Mr Writer and his celebrity friend during the Edinburgh Fringe. I've always thought my brother was cooler than me. I remember trying to get him to grow his hair when he was a teenager, trying to introduce him to Indie music, to appreciate Radiohead and I even took him to Glastonbury via jumping the fence after bleaching his hair and dying it bright red. While I strummed away on my guitar he was busy playing Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Megadrive. Somehow I came back from college to a long haired brother, who played guitar like Jimi Hendrix, had Radiohead singles on limited edition coloured vinyl and had a PC in his bedroom! Well that was the start of it, my coolness status had started to slowly deteriorate. He wasn't meant to out do me!

When I moved to Edinburgh I really started to feel the pressure, now we were both in the same city, there was only room for one cool sibling and I wanted it to be me. Realistically though, that wasn't going to happen. I was single, with a 4 year old child, new to Edinburgh so no friends to socialise with plus I didn't even know about social networking! Brodie on the other hand was attending dinner parties with his student friends (I only attended my first dinner party 2 months ago!), doing an architecture degree at the College of Art (the college of coolness) and used words that I didn't even know existed!

It's a fact, I'm just not cool enough. Like the time I attended Mr Writer and his celebrity partner's live podcast event in Brighton last year. Music was played later on that night and The Pet Shop Boys' version of "Always on my Mind" came on. A girl (also a friend of Mr Writer and previous dater) smiled at me with excitement and gushed "this was the first single I bought". Now why did mine have to be Bros' "I Quit"?

Then there was the time I went to the Meadows last summer to read a book in the sun, look intelligent and quirky while my daughter was at dance class. As I lay there on the grass looking up at my book I felt quite relaxed, that is until some child decided to squirt me in the face with their Supersoaker water pistol unsuspectingly, giving me such a fright and resulting in a lot of people around me laughing. I smiled at my newly found audience while secretly thinking "you brat", looked at my watch (to give the impression I had to watch the time) and left soon after.

At least my daughter thinks I'm cool, mainly because I'm the youngest mum in her class and she's coming to Glastonbury with me this year. Of course not as cool as her Uncle Brodie, he wears converse trainers, lived in Barcelona, lets her watch South Park, has crazy hair, blah, blah, blah......



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