Monday, 4 January 2010
Now that the shit Hogmanay is out of the way on to more pressing matters. I've been involved in some recent poking with one of my exes. Now this isn't of the physical variety but of the Facebook kind. I've stayed on fairly good terms with the majority of my exes over the past few years, which I always thought was a good thing, after all it proves I'm mature - doesn't it? I'm now thinking that I will have to give them identities as I will no doubt refer to them in future posts and since I've added a new one to the collection it may get a little confusing, so here goes:

Ex No 1 - Wee Man

I had a brief relationship with Wee Man (I'll call him that because he's shorter than me, no other reason, we only ever kissed!) who'd been a friend of a friend in 2005 just before I moved to Edinburgh, lovely guy but I could only ever see him as a friend. He still texts me asking whether he needs to buy a hat yet - he could well be waiting a long time.

Ex No 2 - Mr Writer

I got to know Mr Writer through Myspace and he was my first internet romance which involved weekends between Edinburgh and London. I was upset that it ended after 4 months, probably due to the rejection as I wasn't in love with him but we worked hard at staying friends and I'm glad we did. A difficult character at times but a very good friend, I'm going to his book launch next month and am even mentioned in the acknowledgement section of his debut novel. My friendship with him (even though he has a girlfriend who he has since moved in with) was a major problem with Ex No 4.

Ex No 3 - Skinny Jeans

Although Mr Writer was my first internet romance it was actually Mr Skinny Jeans who was the first person I really fancied online. I had to wait nearly 2 years (involving on and off texts, instant messaging and a failed trip to London) until he managed to work up the courage to meet me though. We met at the Champagne Bar at St Pancras Station ("why can't she find someone closer to home" I hear you cry, I know, I know!). Mr Skinny Jeans was totally my type, he looked like he belonged in an Indie Rock band, had a lovely accent and was younger than Daniel. We lasted just under a year travelling between Bedfordshire and Edinburgh. It became apparent that he still had a bit of growing up to do. When I asked him why he'd put his socks in the washing machine rolled up in pairs he told me it was because that was the way he got them back from his Mum. I already had one child to look after, I didn't need another.

Ex No 4 - Mr Offshore

The most recent of my exes. Mr Offshore couldn't do enough for me and truly spoilt me. I couldn't actually believe that a man like this existed and appeared to be totally smitten by little old me. We went to expensive hotels and castles for the weekend. He bought me underwear, perfume and was fantastic with my daughter. He could cook and look after himself. He immediately pronounced his undying love for me which initially made me feel uneasy but he had such wonderful qualities that I thought I would eventually fall in love with him, after all, it had only been a few weeks. However, I suddenly became aware of his dislike over my use of the internet, the fact I remained on good terms with my exes, Mr Writer in particular and his general controlling nature. Damn, I knew there had to be a catch, plus my plan of falling in love with him didn't appear to be working, there just wasn't anything there and we split up last month - although it wasn't quite as easy as that.

Which brings me back to the ex who is, it would seem, keen on some virtual finger play, I didn't even realise people still poked on Facebook! Of course I didn't ignore the first poke, it would appear rude, especially since we're back being Facebook friends. However when it came to the forth and fifth the other day I did begin to wonder where this was going. Do more than six pokes mean you're now flirting? Am I flirting with Mr Skinny Jeans, an ex, without realising? Was Mr Offshore right, am I holding on to the past by staying in contact with ex boyfriends and will therefore never truly fall in love??



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