Thursday, 7 January 2010
"Come and give your young, beautiful mum a kiss," I said to my daughter Evie this evening. "Well, you are young, mum", was the response I got. One out of two wasn't bad. I suppose I should be grateful that at least we have passed the phase of my daughter shouting out loud "why are you hairy there mummy?" while using a public toilet. Or the other favourite "are you doing a poo mummy?" My advice to you is this, if you can, always use the baby changing toilet with a young child to avoid these embarrassing outbursts.

Prior to establishing I was young but struggling on the beautiful side Evie asked if I wanted her. I told her that I had tried to sell her on eBay but apparently they don't let you sell children. I felt it was a pretty big question for a little girl. I wondered if she had heard me moaning on the phone that I hated being a single parent. That I felt I could never truly embrace the joys of having a child because when I wasn't working I was cooking the dinner while listening to her reading homework, nagging her to eat the dinner, getting her ready for bed, putting her to bed, doing the dishes, looking at the ever growing pile of ironing, going to bed for it all to start all over again the next day. Every day, every week. Evie doesn't go to her Dad's every second weekend or during the holidays, it's simply just her and I.

The truth of the matter is that at times, really tough times, I have wondered whether I did the right thing going through with the pregnancy. I brought a child into a world when I didn't even know whether I could provide for it let alone be a good parent. Some people might think I'm a little heartless saying something like that. But, I'm sure the majority of single parents have, at some point, questioned whether they did the right thing and it's not until they look in on their sleeping child before turning out the light that they realise yes, they did.



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