Monday, 12 March 2012
I woke up on Saturday morning feeling rather giddy, thankfully not due to the alcohol but with the thoughts of Mr Mensa running around in my head from the night before.  He'd been quite the gent on the way home from our date, quite prepared to just drop me off at my front door but I insisted he come in for a coffee (why does that line never die?) and he did.  I was feeling frisky but Mr Mensa made the point that he wanted to get to know me which only made me want him more.  For once I actually felt like someone was interested to invest the time and patience into getting to know me.  To learn about my daft sense of humour, my ever changing style, my constant self criticism and lack of self belief.  Here was someone I thought, who in time could see me truly naked in the full sense of the word.

When I got a text from him on Saturday late afternoon asking if I fancied going to the cinema, I instantly replied "yes" only to immediately wish that I'd taken more time and appeared a lot less desperate for a second date.  Unfortunately there was the small hurdle of getting Evie babysat for a second night.  As soon as I approached her about the childminder coming round and her mother abandoning her for a second night I could tell that it was a lost battle.  The cinema date just wasn't going to happen, and later on, further down the line, I would realise that invitation would be the only time that Mr Mensa would ask me out to the cinema.

I took a gamble and decided to invite Mr Mensa around for a Chinese take-away if he could face the thought of seeing me in "mother mode".  I wasn't really comfortable at him seeing part of my family life so soon but with the thought of him returning to England the following day, I took my chance.

Evie seemed relatively comfortable with the idea of having a male friend of Mum's visiting for dinner.  As I already have several good male friends who Evie's met, she didn't initially think that Mr Mensa was possible boyfriend material, because I'm sure if she did she wouldn't have mentioned the following as we tucked into our fried rice and shredded chilli beef.......

"You know my Mum does really loud farts sometimes, and sometimes they smell."

Suddenly capital punishment for children didn't seem so bad.  I could feel my cheeks burning up and desperately wondered how one should react to such an accusation under such difficult circumstances.

"Evie!  I do not!"  was all I could mutter in my defence.

Mr Mensa burst out laughing and thankfully his reaction put me so at ease that we all had a good laugh.  Perhaps Evie did know that I was considering him as potential boyfriend material and decided to do a little bit of investigation into his potential herself.  Either way, it definitely broke the ice and made me fall even further for Mr Mensa.

There was no question about whether he would stay that night, he wouldn't, not with Evie at home.  But all was not lost.  He no longer had to return to England as soon as previously thought.  He would be here for a further week at least until his new job in Algeria started.  I began to feel myself really getting excited about the possibilities and found that my romantic notions were running amok.  I kept questioning it, he ticked all the boxes, but there must be something?  And there was, and although my instinct had tried to kick in on that first dinner date to raise a question, my romantic self had overpowered it telling me that love would conquer all but not reminding me that love was also blind.


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