Friday, 29 January 2010
I'm sitting here and my stomach is doing back flips, actually that is an understatement. It feels like the whole 2012 Russian Gymnastic team are in training in there. This might mean that I quite fancy Mr Rockstar, either that or I've caught Evie's sickness bug from a couple of weeks ago.

Last Saturday after Mr Rockstar kissed me we ended up going to a party. Well that's how it was sold to us by Molly's friend. What it actually consisted of was a group of people being told to remove their shoes, being ushered into a living room, the host suddenly announcing his Dad earned "something like £250,000" before disappearing off to his bedroom with a burlesque looking girl. He did reappear briefly looking for some matches, wearing nothing but a hand towel, which he struggled to hold around him, much to the amusement and disgust of his guests. Thank god I didn't get a full frontal!

It wasn't long before Molly and her friend left and Mr Rockstar and I found ourselves in a room full of strangers. We didn't care though, we talked, we laughed, we kissed and he asked me out for dinner. I said yes, hence the squiffy tummy, we're meeting tomorrow night.

It was 6.50 am when I finally crept back into my Mum's house - I felt like a 17 year old again, it was great! Not so great later on that morning when I discovered that I had a rash spreading around my side and onto my stomach.

Molly's a nurse so I had faith in her not recoiling when I showed her my reptile skin. "It might be Shingles" she said. Damn, that's not good, doesn't that make you really ill? Now my first text to Mr Rockstar after our kiss was going to be about whether he'd had Chicken Pox, hardly romantic and very uncool. When I was seeing Mr Writer he caught Chicken Pox from his best friend who had Shingles at the time, not a pretty sight. Oh god...

I went to the Doctor on Monday morning. "Hmm - it might be Shingles". Ok, so we're still on the "might be". Did she not realise I had a dinner date on Saturday? I needed to know. "Give it 48 hours, you'll know then". Those 48 hours passed on Wednesday, I still have a slight rash but hey, it's not like I'm going to get naked tomorrow night - right.....?


Lottie said...

Oh no!

I hope you got to go out with Mr Rockstar!

Lottie x


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