Wednesday, 28 March 2001
My bump is growing dramatically now although I made sure I could still get my belly button piercing in! Attempted to finish with Daniel, I say attempted because I told him we should stay away from each other because of the fact he obviously didn't want to be with me, he said nothing. I just got out of his car and slammed the door hard. Yeah, slamming the door, that'll show him, that'll make him realise that I mean business. This new found energy is a bonus.

He hasn't made any attempt to discuss the situation at all. Thank god for the baby. I know that sounds bizarre considering the mess of everything but I just think of it growing inside me and everything else seems irrelevant.

Work is bollocks, it's hardly surprising since I have to see Daniel there everyday.

I wish Andrew Lincoln (Egg from This Life) was my love interest then I wouldn't have to put up with this shit, plus he's got good music taste.



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