Monday, 12 March 2001
Feel fantastic today, like I have heaps of energy and my mood has lifted. I suppose this has something to do with the fact that I'm in my second trimester. This is where you are supposed to start having lots of energy and be over the worst of the morning sickness which thankfully has stopped. I really shouldn't have complained about it, some people suffer with it throughout their whole pregnancy. The disgusting metalic taste I have had for the past few weeks has also disappeared. I've found myself wondering if I'll ever feel like my old self again.

I don't know how long I'll be able to continue house sharing, my flat mates are a great support, especially Mary who has helped me get through some really tough moments but it's not an ideal environment for a pregnant person to be in. For a start the majority of my flat mates smoke and for me personally, it's difficult seeing them all getting geared out for a night out when all I've felt capable of until recently was crash on the sofa.

My wee bump is starting to show and I feel really proud of it although I feel that I do have to hide it from Daniel. He only seems to be interested in me when he wants attention or affection from me.



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