Monday, 5 March 2001
I am having real fears today that I may not manage to cope with having a child on my own. I was down at Natalie's tonight babysitting her daughter and she was crying (apparently babies do this quite a lot). It made me think, will I be as patient or as calm as Natalie when I've got a screaming baby? How will I know what she or he wants?

I just want to prove to people that this is something that I can manage on my own, with or without Daniel's support. That'll be the kind of support where he finds out I'm pregnant, tells me he'll help me out and moves his wife and 2 children back into his house. Apparently they're being made homeless and have nowhere else to go. I'm trying to be really understanding about it but at the same time I'm thinking does this mean that they're getting back together? Is he not aware that there is a baby growing inside me and perhaps he should make his wife aware of this before she moves back in. I mean, should she know?



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