Friday, 13 April 2001
I left the house tonight with one of my flatmates threatening to phone Daniel's wife at work, she said she's had enough of me suffering and thought he was being a complete bastard for not telling his wife. Well, I could hardly disagree.

So I left her to it, told my Mum I would be staying at hers for the night and went to see Bridget Jones at the cinema. It was so funny and Hugh Grant actually looked rather attractive, typical me, finding the bad boy sexy. Sitting in the cinema watching the film was a good distraction, it'll allowed me time to forget everything that was going on in the outside world. For just over 1 and a half hours I was transported back to being a single girl, back to a time when all I had to worry about was what outfit to wear on a Saturday night and whether that disgusting spot would disappear on my chin.

I was still single when I walked out of the cinema except I now had the name tag of "mother to be" attached. I also wondered what might be going on elsewhere, was someone just about to learn that their husband had a very big secret?



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