Saturday, 11 June 2011
The other week I received a phone call from my lovely friend Rapunzel. It wasn't long before the conversation got on to men and as I was now in the safe confines of the office complex car park I vented my frustration at the lack of good looking men since I'd moved back to the Highlands (shallow - moi?). In fact, I could not think of one single male who had caught my eye since I'd been back.

"It's rubbish," I wailed to a very sympathetic Rapunzel. "I'm never going to meet anyone here". Mid moan I was suddenly distracted by the noise of a car coming into the car park veering into a disabled space driven by someone who obviously thought they were the next Stig. Suddenly my whinges turned into ramblings and poor Rapunzel had to endure the sound of a stunned female as I came to terms with what I had just witnessed.

The male who will now be referred to as Mystery Office Boy (MOB for short) was tall, dark and he was most certainly very handsome. Where the hell had he come from? Why hadn't I noticed him before?? I found myself immediately drawn to him (i.e. staring) and suddenly I was fully aware that we were reciprocating eye contact.

"Oh my God, he's looking at me, he's giving me eye contact, he's looking at me as he's walking up the stairs!" I stammered to Rapunzel in a slightly shocked state. And then he was gone.

The irony of the situation was that the following day we were moving out of our office complex back into the town centre. How was I ever going to find out who MOB was? I knew what car he drove but copying down the registration to search for him seemed a little extreme. Maybe he was just a visitor to the office, perhaps that was why I hadn't noticed him before?

The next day was the office move and as I watched the last of the office furniture being removed I wondered if I'd have the chance to bump into MOB properly. I wasn't living in the depths of London, someone within my social circles was bound to know who he was and more importantly if he had a girlfriend or wife.

Later that morning the sound of a van horn indicated the sandwich van had arrived outside the office building and I ventured out to get my very last ritual teatime croissant. I couldn't believe my luck when I saw MOB walking towards the van from the other office building! He stood right behind me in the queue. At that point I really wished that I'd spent more time getting ready and wondered if he thought I was being a bit optimistic with my skinny jeans. When I turned to face him following my mid morning purchase he gave me a smile which I returned and then I quickly hurried back into the now deserted office. I HAD to do something - but what??!? My first reaction was to text Rapunzel but there was no response and we were leaving the office in 10 minutes. Then I tweeted hoping for some advice - nothing! My heart was telling me to leave a note on his car windscreen but my head was saying "get a grip girl!" As I set the security alarm and locked the office door for the last time I willed him to reappear. When I got into my car I rummaged around to see if I could find a bit of paper to put my phone number on but all I could find was a paper towel. At that point I received a text response from Rapunzel telling me quite plainly to "do it!"

Somehow, the brain did not engage correctly with the stated order and I drove straight out of the office complex and mentally kicked myself for being such a woos. Rapunzel needless to say was exasperated and before I knew it I was driving back up to the office during my lunch break to leave the paper towel message. What I hadn't thought about was that there was a possibility that he could be on his lunch break and upon discovering his car missing from the car park I found myself waiting in a nearby garden centre for him to return. The word "stalker" entered my head several times and I suddenly decided that enough was enough. I made a deal with myself to evade the tag of stalker. If I nipped quickly to the old office toilet and his car wasn't in the car park by the time I returned, I'd leave, get a life and admit defeat.

As it was, his car was in the car park and I geared up all my nerve to leave the note. As I approached his car I took one last cautionary look around to ensure no one was watching. To my horror I saw MOB standing on the office landing speaking on his mobile staring right out at me. I pancked and did what I can only describe as a Monty Pythoneque right turn jumping straight into my own car. The shock (ok, embarrassment) immediately prompted me to call Rapunzel. However there was no answer so following a garbled message I decided it was now or never. Checking that MOB was no longer standing on the office landing. I jumped out of my car, ran over to his and slipped the paper towel note under his windscreen wiper. As I raced off in my little jeep I grinned to myself at my achievement only to witness the heavens opening and being to piss on my parade. Suddenly writing my mobile number on a paper towel seemed like the stupidest idea ever.


Rapunzel said...

I think it is very wrong that work make me do the job I'm getting paid for which means I can't answer you in your time of need immediately.

Don't they understand the single girl life?!

Rapunzel xx
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