Tuesday, 23 January 2001
Everything keeps going around in my head. I saw my own GP today and this time Daniel came with me. While we were discussing the possibility of an abortion I suddenly became aware that all his reasons for going down that route were based around him and his life. I don't think he can understand at all why I may want to keep this baby, but then why should he? He's only been with me for a month and he's already got two children not to mention the estranged wife. Is this really the kind of life that I want to bring a baby into? I'm so scared of not coping, I can barely look after myself, how the hell am I going to look after a baby? What do I do?



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Imagine Carrie from Sex and the City morphed with Bridget Jones and a baby thrown in for added entertainment – that’s me, the ever optimistic romantic looking for my Mr Big but already with child! Read my blog from the beginning where I find out I am pregnant following a brief fling with my much older male colleague and fast forward to where I am now, stressed out working mum to my beautiful 10 year old daughter wondering if love really does in fact exist at first sight.
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