Wednesday, 17 January 2001
So I've been along to the family planning clinic on my own to have my pregnancy confirmed by a Dr. I felt a bit of a fraud sitting there, aged 23 amongst all the teenagers, shouldn't I have known better? Shouldn't I be setting an example regarding safe sex? It would appear not. I couldn't face visiting my own surgery after disregarding my Dr's almost psychic diagnosis following my request for the Pill.

It is hard to believe that even as I write this I have something growing inside me, it just doesn't feel real. I woke up today and for a moment had forgotten, for a second everything was ok. I have no idea what I'm going to do and haven't even had a chance to properly discuss this with Daniel. Perhaps I should put something in his diary at work tomorrow "must discuss possible 9 month contract", perhaps he'd speak to me then?



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