Tuesday, 15 December 2009
Time flies, doesn't it? Or so the saying goes. I remember people saying to me, "make the most of it, before you know it she'll be all grown up". Of course I didn't believe that when I was struggling to breast feed, crying at my stretchmarks (I could see them so much better when my pregnant belly went down) and wondering if I'd ever be a good mum, I just wanted the time to pass quicker.

It's taken me over 8 years to accept that I am a single mum. I hated the title single mum, I always felt it brought up such negative connotations. Well, not anymore, uh uh uh, I'm about to change that. I work hard and through that I have provided a home for my daughter. I've taught her the importance of good manners, respect and appreciating life. I've made her aware that you have to work hard for things, nice things. The words benefits and the social do not exist in her vocabulary.

So, a proud, single mum I am. Don't get me wrong, there have been dates along the way, I even lived with Daniel for a year or so before I saw the light. I've done internet dating, blind dating and my last relationship (which finished yesterday - so you're bound to hear more about that soon!) was a set up at a party by friends.

I wonder whether in having a baby I missed my chance of meeting the person they (being everyone) refer to as "The One"? Perhaps he was a Dr in the hospital where I attended the NCH breast feeding support clinic? If I hadn't fled early with embarrassment from squirting another mum then maybe I would've bumped into him?

Or was he waiting for me at Glastonbury Festival this year but upon his approach into the sauna (that's naked, sauna) he noticed the man sitting next to me struggling to hide his growing erection with his elbow and decided to leave?

Where is this person that they refer to as "The One", does he exist and if he does, who the hell is he??


Anonymous said...

Loved reading the past stuff, even though I know how it 'ended'!

Start of an new era as from today I reckon?! x


Bird on a Wire said...

Awh thanks!

Definitely the start of a new era, who needs to wait for New Year.....


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