Sunday, 20 December 2009
Breaking up with someone is never easy unless you're Phil Collins and have a fax machine. It's difficult enough to try and gently tell someone that you no longer want to be with them but when they shove your Christmas present in your face and demand that you open it you know that you're dealing with a whole different ball game.

What is probably important for you to know at this point is that while we were still in a relationship he had mentioned that he had got my Christmas present and had said the following:

"'s sooo you, if you don't like it then I don't know you at all and we may as well forget it".

So no pressure there then! It brought me back to thinking about the time Daniel had got me a present for Valentine's Day which he'd especially ordered from Borders. We were living together at this point but I had been having doubts. He'd got a book which he'd seen advertised and thought I would really appreciate it. I was quite taken aback that he had gone to the effort of ordering something for me so was naturally curious as to what this book could be about. It really was quite thoughtful of him.....or so I thought. Please remember, this was a Valentine's present, Valentine meaning loving, romantic or in this case a book entitled "If we're so in love why aren't we happy?" We weren't happy because we weren't in love, I didn't need a book to tell me that.

I had secretly hoped it would be a new laptop, it was the only thing that I could think was totally me plus he knew how frustrated I'd been at my one packing up. Common sense though would have told me that regardless of this fact he hated me being online. He wasn't going to buy me something that would encourage me to go online even more. To give me unlimited access to Facebook and email? I don't think so - what a joke. Except when I opened up the gift it was anything but a joke, it was a white gold diamond cross necklace that just wasn't me. I never wear necklaces and I don't like having a cross around my neck. I'd ripped a cheap one Daniel gave me from my neck at an extremely heartbreaking time when I was heavily pregnant. I just couldn't wear it.

So just like the book, as soon as I saw the necklace I confirmed his worst fear, he didn't know me at all and it was all over.


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