Tuesday, 11 September 2001
Something dreadful happened today in New York. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Centres, I watched the whole thing on Sky News/CBS/BBC News 24, I was glued to the set.

I'd been cleaning the bathroom upstairs (think this is what they call "nesting" because it is not in my nature to be tidy!) when mum phoned from work and said that she'd heard something about a bomb going off in New York and to put on the news. I'd thought I'd heard something briefly about New York on the radio while I was cleaning but had dismissed it as I thought they were talking about a film. When I turned on the tv I couldn't believe what I was seeing and because it was live I watched as the second plane hit the other tower. I watched as people jumped from the trade centres and then as the towers fell people running from the rubble and ash that filled the air. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I have never seen anything like that in my life. There were further planes involved, all those people who have lost their lives. It was thought that the first plane might have been a freak accident but now it's transpiring that it's a terrorist attack. What the hell's going on, what kind of world am I bringing my child into??



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