Tuesday, 17 July 2001
The baby has been going crazy in my stomach and my waist is now 40 inches! My bellybutton is completely flat and looks as if it may just pop out! The other week my stomach felt really itchy and I wondered if I had a rash but because it has got so big I couldn't see so I had to ask Mum to look. "Oh, oh" was her reaction. Enter stretchmark number 1 into my life. It brought a certain amount of disgust and devestation to the kitchen that morning and then later that week it had brought along numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6......



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Imagine Carrie from Sex and the City morphed with Bridget Jones and a baby thrown in for added entertainment – that’s me, the ever optimistic romantic looking for my Mr Big but already with child! Read my blog from the beginning where I find out I am pregnant following a brief fling with my much older male colleague and fast forward to where I am now, stressed out working mum to my beautiful 10 year old daughter wondering if love really does in fact exist at first sight.
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