Saturday, 24 February 2001
I am continuing my pregnancy against Daniel's wishes and have given him the opportunity to walk away from it all but he hasn't. I will now have to tell work on Monday, that'll be interesting. I feel much better now that I have made a decision.

When I had my appointment at the Gynaecology department last week they took a scan to see how "far gone" I was. While carrying out the ultrasound (god that jelly's cold!) the nurse asked if I'd like to see the imagine. I don't know why but I said yes. I wasn't quite sure what I would see, I mean, would it just be like a bubble or number of bubbles, it's only cells after all? What I hadn't anticipated on seeing was a tiny little heartbeat. For what seemed like an eternity I was glued to that screen watching this little flicker on the screen, I felt as though I could almost hear the heartbeat through the image. I suddenly realised that although my baby resembled a cashew nut on screen there was no denying that I had a little life growing inside me and it was at that point my decision was made.



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